Inspirational Insights from Sarita Salwan

Sarita Salwan, a vibrant and enthusiastic go-getter, embraces her Indian heritage while being raised in Norway. Inspired by her resilient father, she explores new hobbies and ideas, now adding authorship to her accomplishments. Sarita values peace, spirituality, and her cultural heritage, actively participating in religious celebrations. Multilingual and engaged in various endeavours, including being a DJ and working in her father's travel business, she believes in women's independence and imparts core values to her daughter. With boundless energy and determination, Sarita reminds us to embrace life's possibilities with a strong heart and a happy mind.

Her Inspirations

Sarita's idol and source of inspiration is her father, who has shown incredible resilience and determination in overcoming challenges and establishing himself despite adversities. Her love to explore new hobbies and ideas, constantly seeking personal and professional growth have now added a new feature in her hat, and that is of being – An Author. Sarita follows the mantra of not judging people in any situation and believes in living and letting others live, emphasizing empathy and understanding in her interactions.

Her Personality

Sarita values peace, spirituality, and her cultural heritage. She actively engages in religious celebrations, maintaining her strong identity. She is a multilingual individual, fluent in English, Norwegian, Hindi, and Punjabi, reflecting her diverse cultural experiences and upbringing.

Her life Story

In her pursuit of livelihood, Sarita engages in various endeavours, including being a DJ, practicing Tarot Card reading, and working as a successor in her father’s travel business. She firmly believes in the importance of women being independent with their money and decision-making, recognizing that financial freedom brings a sense of empowerment and fearlessness. As a single mother, Sarita imparts 3 core values and teachings to her daughter: self-belief, freedom of expression, and respect for culture and parents. She strives to spread positivity and making meaningful contributions to society.

Sarita also is


Event Organizer in Norway

In her quadragenarian years, Sarita Salwan fearlessly pursues her lifelong ambition of DJing in Norway, sharing her profound passion for music globally. With her contagious energy, she kindles the spirit of chasing dreams and defying age-related limits.

Travel Agent

An asset to her father's travel business, Sarita expands operations overseas significantly, playing a pivotal role as his successor. Her contributions drive substantial and meaningful growth, shaping the company's path on international frontiers.

A Resilient Single Mother

A single mother and a role model, Sarita instills cultural values in her 16-year-old daughter while nurturing independence and optimism. Guided by Sarita's wisdom, the young woman emerges as a self-assured individual, ready to embrace life's journey confidently.

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